Setup a Nano Node on DigitalOcean

  1. Sign up on DigitalOcean with this link to get 10$ credit for free

  2. Create a new Droplet

    Create Droplet

    • Select the Docker One-click App

      Docker App

    • We suggest at least the 2 GB droplet because you’ll need the 2 TB transfer. If you want more performance choose a bigger one


    • Choose a datacenter region that’s near to you
    • Additional Options: IPv6
    • Click create and wait till it’s ready!
  3. You’ll get an email with the initial password for the root user and the Droplet IP

  4. Connect to your Droplet via SSH
  5. You’ll be prompted to change your password, choose a strong one

  6. Enter the following command to start the setup:
    bash <(curl -s
  7. Done! Please have a look at the FAQ.


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